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IB or equities?

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Post time01:13 19-09-2007

Dear All, I am writing to you to get some help and advice. I am studying in london at the moment and want a career in banking. The thing is that I can not decide whether I want to do Investment Banking or equities sales and trading. the thing that I like more in Ib is that you get to meet lots of people, travel a lot and work for a long term goal. in trading i like the drive you get, the fast environment and you can see what you have achieved straight away. I need to decide now because i need to apply for internships and I need to know to which department to apply. Could you please also tell me where are the money better, IB or trading? (Not the most important thing for me but just nice to know) Thank you all very, very much for your answers as they will help me a great deal. Nikolay.


Post time11:37 07-10-2007

Just from the way to tended to speak a lot more about IB than your other choice it seems that you've already found the sector you want to go for ...

You've answered you're own question, good luck :-)


Post time22:29 26-08-2008


i found it helpful