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Entrepreneur to Investment Banking - how to?

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Post time15:10 10-05-2010

Honest advice requested please.

I'm 26 and have founded and run small businesses since before leaving university and would now like to transition into investment banking.

Any ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated? (direct approach / MBA / MSc Finance etc.)

Commercial experience:

4 years real estate development in Budapest, Hungary. Founded a property development business, raised funding (PE and bank), planned and developed a number of projects (each project valued at 1-2mil euro). Managed takeover of a construction company. Total team under management at peak 25-35.

1 year technology startup. Co-founded an internet portal, concluded content deals with blue chip media companies across Europe (Telegraph, RTBF etc). Total team under management at peak 20-25. Exited to investors after one year.


Junior Cert (Irish GCSE equivalent): Mostly As
Leaving Cert (Irish A Level equivalent): As
Undergrad: Business & Economics, Trinity College Dublin (First class honours with scholarship)
GMAT: Scheduled for end June (anticipate 720+... hopefully)


Not-for-profit work; founded largest undergraduate awards programme in Ireland / widely travelled / fitness etc

Thanks in advice for any help on this.