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how to get into investment banking from other (telecom)domain?

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Post time13:52 04-01-2011

hi all,
i am IT consultant working in UK in telecoms. I work for various operators as a contractor from past 3 years in wireless services .I have been seeing the market for telecom recently and it is not shining, getting a new contract has become so difficult and the daily rates have decreased. the perm jobs also dont offer good pay to attract me.
recently i have been looking at the investment jobs in UK. these are jobs which attract me. i think it is worth to be a contractor in banking due to the pay which is like double than the telecoms. i can see many jobs which match my tehcnical skills, i am good at UNIX and SQL skills. i can shine my skills on UNIX and SQL if required, i have already done my UNIX Sun Solaris administration recently to get into banking but all in vain. many recuiters are asking for banking experience as could any one give me suggestion how to break into finance from other domain? are there any agencies which can help me certify and put forward my profile to break into finance?

the applications which i worked in telecom are similar to the one in finance. the services which i worked have a database involved, and UNIX operating system , following company procedures., worked on support , implementation and testing. i have 8 years of experience all together in telecoms in various roles and i am keen to shift to banking.