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IB career without relevant degree? A possibility?

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Post time10:31 11-05-2011



Can anyone please help give me some advice?


The situation

Basically, Iím 24 with an English degree and MA who went into publishing wholeheartedly. I currently work for a well respected FS Institute editing some of the study materials etc.


As I said I wholeheartedly went into publishing, but since working where I am and with the stuff Iím editing Iíve become more and more interested in the FS industry Ė investments, in particular. I now have my own trading account and take a huge interest in the markets.


My employers have effectively paid me to do a few of their exams which I have done and passed, and so now I am thinking about doing the IMC and/or a number of other professional courses with a view of pursuing a career in stock broking, or something along those lines.


The question

I suppose Iím just beginning to question myself a little as to how much of an impact it will be that my under- and postgrad degrees arenít at all relevant to FS?


I like to think that my passing these qualifications, when added to the ICM and possibly CFA, plus me having my own trading account will demonstrate an interest etc., and Iíd also be more than willing to try to find/fit in as much experience as possible before looking for a job sometime mid-2012, but, in short, am I will all this be enough when Iím without a maths/ economics/ business degree? Will employers even look at me?


Thanks in advance!