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Loan Administration Clerk. what's next?

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Post time19:58 16-06-2011

Hi everyone I have been doing syndicated loan operation for a while. I am really confused what I can do next. My duties include: Handling loan drawdowns, rollovers, rate fixings and payments, monitoring loan events on the banks accounting system and resolving loan queries. Is it stupid if I keep staying in the same position? What kind of career path can I have? I am also not sure if there is any qualification I should take. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice. Thanks a lot Josh


Post time08:49 22-06-2011

I wonder could you assist me in my research. I am a research student nearly completing. I have conducted a piece of research which looks at bank lending behaviour between British and German banks. I have designed a questionnaire, which I need to fill any advice?



Post time17:54 19-07-2011

Hi Josh,


Credit risk management comes to mind as you have the transferable skills. This is a hot area at the moment and there are a few options in terms of gaining a qualification. I would do a random job search for analyst role to get a feel for what the job would entail. Good luck!