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Post time09:30 13-07-2011

Hi There,


I am new to this forum and just  could see some useful discussions and good tips on the site.I am a IT professional in C++ tech with few years in IB(back office),but I had taken a break from my career,which will soon be a year and a half now. I have mostly been part of the maintenance project in my career,due to which I could not build a strong development career  yet.Though there seem to be lots of requirement in C++ , I am not able to get a call for an interview.This is causing out demoralization.

Meanwhile I just though of trying out moving into testing field in IT,since I find the area to be interesting and thats were my curiousity lies.Could someone advice me how would I do that,would the ISTQB be of any help for me? I am also keen in CFA exam,which I belive should definitely add in my profile.

I have some knowledge about manual testing and functional testing,which has been the part of my work during by intial career.

Any help is appreciated....