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Post time12:25 14-07-2011

We have a direct  provider for BG/SBLC, specifically  for lease at a leasing price of 6+2 of face value  Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other 25 top AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA
Contact: Mr. Ryan Shearwaters
Tel: + 44 207-060-1150


Post time13:13 09-07-2014

I have a provider who is ready, willing and able of delivering banking instruments (BG/SBLC) for lease which can be used in all forms of projects. Our bank instrument can be used as collateral to seek for loans from different banks of choice and can be used to engage into ppp trading.

For contacting purpose:

Contact : Mr. Sorin Lassmann
Skype ID: ls.nicu