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Lost little graduate

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Post time22:25 01-08-2011


I'm Carla and I've just joined the forum and have been reading some of your advice, and so though I'd ask for some more specific to myself if that's ok?

I graduated in 2009 with a BA (HONS) in International Business (2:1) and have been working in an operations role for just over 2 years now.  During my degree I did a year in investment management, and I'm just studying for the third module of the IOC.

 I'm not really happy in my job though as I don't really get to think as much as I'd like due to the processing nature of it.  I was advised by my manager that I'm on track for a promotion to a technical specialist (although I'm not sure how meaningful this is) but feel like I want and need to do something a bit better.

I've been reading around the industry some more and corporate finance, risk management and project management within the financial industry all seems to have aspects that interest me. However I'm not sure how I'd get into any of them or if there's anything I can be doing to enhance my employability and CV.

Could anyone advise please as it would be much appreciated?