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Investment Banking advice needed!

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Post time17:03 02-08-2011

Hey! I'm new to this forum and I am looking for advice that will get me into investment banking career. I am studying ITMB (Information management for business) second year at UCL, and I have interests in finance. I wanted to apply IB internships as they will look extremely attractive on my CV. However, I'm worried that I will not secure any internship as I have been rejected twice by private equity and asset management firms. They said that I do not have sufficient knowledge in finance and lack of skills. I do not have good guidance from UCL career service (they are alway busy) and family and friends, so that why I'm searching for help on the internet. I'm looking for something that will strengthen my application and interview. Volunteering and part time job could help my CV however, I don't know what kind of volunteering/part time job should I do? Despite of doing an internship, is there any alternative to get into investment bank? I'm considering to do a master's degree. Please get in touch with me: Thanks.