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Big 4 Auditor CA to Equity Research

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Post time01:22 26-01-2008

Hi all,

I'm currently an undergraduate auditor at a Big 4 Audit firm specialising in Consumer Markets. I'm looking to make a move into Equity Research at a Top Tier IB but have had trouble moving in at an undergraduate level.

My only existing option is to return to audit following uni and attain my CA.


1) What are my chances of moving in to Equity Research after attaining my CA?

2) How common is it for Investment Banks to recruit qualified ex-auditors in Equities Research?

3) What should I do in the meantime to maximise my chances? (e.g working on listed clients)

4) I'm currently the President of my University Capital Markets Club but will this be irrelevant after 2 years as an auditor?


I'll appreciate any advice or feedback. Thanks in advance!


Undergraduate Auditor


Post time22:42 26-08-2008


i found it helpful