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A few questions from a student about investment banking

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Post time20:01 10-01-2012

ok. I'm a second yr university student at a highly ranked American school. I've been to London and I really want to have my career there. I'm majoring in politics right now but I will Graduate when I'm 20 (started undergrad at 16) and I plan to go to London business school or the LSE and do a masters after I finish my bachelors degree. I was originally going to go into law but I want the ability to work anywhere in the world and with law youre kind of limited to one state but investment banking is something that can offer that to me, plus I'm very good about money and have a big interest in the field. I was wondering a few questions about the London Market, such as: what would be a starting wage, here in the US it's around $60-70k plus a very hefty bonus (like $60k), I was wondering if London was comparable in that aspect. Also is getting the masters worth it? My main motivations in pursuing that degree is that I will be more employable, I will have access to recruitment in the UK/European market and from what I read having a higher degree will lead me to start my career as an associate as opposed to an analyst, is this true? ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS! P.s. Sorry for bad grammar and stuff I'm writing this on my phone