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is it possible?

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Post time09:49 27-01-2012


I am 25 yrs old and work with Thomson Reuters as a Quality analyst.

I did my computer engineering despite not being interested in it at all from a C grade college in India. Software testing was the easy way out since i only wanted to have fun in life ;).

However working in a corporate environment has motivated me to work harder and make something out of myself.

I am interested in Finance and wanted to know if there is any way i can dream of becoming an investment banker,

i realise my background profile is not that strong and i have not done a lot academically to prove my potential.

But am ready would do what is neccessary for me to get it done....ans my GMAT or CFA or any other exam.

I need advice as to where to start since i have very little idea about how to begin to pursue this career option.

Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.