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IB internships in UK and foreign graduates

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Post time03:43 18-02-2008

Hi all!

I am new here. :) I am looking for IB career (be it intern or analyst positions) in the United Kingdom. What can you say about my chances with next profile and what can you recommend me to do?

- American University of Central Asia, Business Administration Dept., concentration on Finance, Investments and Banking, GPA 3.79, predicted GPA at graduation 3.80 (Summa Cum Laude). This is my last semester of studies.

- Internships in the commercial dept. of FedEx and audit department of Ernst and Young (three months each).

- Professional exams (similar to American CPA): Financial accounting 1 (90%), Managerial accounting 1 (98%), and Financial management (88%). 75% is requireed to pass each.

- Plus extra-curriculars, flunecy in Russian and English, and basics of French.

Most of all I am worried about my citizenship which is definitely not from EU. Do you think it is worth applying now or not?





Post time17:50 26-08-2008

try www.-[CENSORED] for some advice. i like their site


Post time12:04 28-10-2008

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