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bit diferent investment oppurtunities

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Post time08:51 24-02-2008

Hi to you all,

I am checking a bit diferent investment oppurtunities, I have about 150.000 USD to spent. I would prefer to invest in property. But i am open for idea's. Myself i am from luxembourg,  living in the United Kingdom, but I prefer to do investments in the south of Spain.

I was checking some investment property website called , they seem to have some good oppurtunities what i am looking for, to combinate my investment with holidays, and they seem also seem to make sure the aparthotel you buy has over 70% occupation. which pays out commisions.

Can anyone tell me if they had experiences with this system, as this is very new for me, I never heard of such system, but it sounds great to me.

Thank you 


Post time22:26 26-08-2008


i found it helpful