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Start a nursing agency business

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Post time01:59 03-03-2008

[B]Are You Ready To Discover The Secrets To Making More Money With Your Nursing Agency Business?[/B]

[B]Are You Ready?[/B]
    * To Be Your Own Boss
    * Set Your Own Hours
    * Shorter Work Days
    * Respect & Recognition That You Deserve
    * Have Unlimited Income Potential

WHETHER you're interested in starting a Supplemental Nurse Staffing Agency, Nursing Registry, Private Home Care, Search Firm Consulting Business or thinking of becoming an Independent Nurse Contractor, this practical guide in starting your own nursing agency is for you!

DOUBLE or Triple Your Income Potential Without The Added Hours![/B]

Like most Americans you are probably living pay check to pay check. If you want to increase your income, you either put more hours in or simply ask the boss for a raise. You usually don't get a choice in your preferred shift or days off.  Your extended efforts in the work force usually go on un-recognized. All what you look forward to is the day when you can retire. Ask yourself, How many more years will I put up with this? Maybe its time to turn the tables around!

[B]Benefits About Being an Independent RN Contractor, Starting A Supplemental Staffing Agency, or Nurse Registry.[/B]

    * Double or Triple Your Current Income without added hours.
    * More control over your schedule or time
    * Unlimited possibilities of wealth as your business grows
    * Recession proof!

[B]Topics Covered[/B]

Reasons to start a business
Legal considerations - Choosing the right structure for your business
Selecting a business name - Do it yourself logo design
Getting financed
Office location - Home or Leased Space
Markeketing Strategies
Pricing your service
Day to day operations
Billing procedures
Tax Considerations
Business Etchics

[B]For more info visit: [url][/url][/B]


Post time04:00 25-03-2008