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Harmony at Competition

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Post time10:31 31-05-2008

As the name suggests the members of the Dragon choir are as strong as anybody can feel one can be. They are not only competitive but are full of sportsman spirit. These are the members who call themselves the dragons and are equally strong enough for any competitor in a competition. Recently the Dragon choir members competed in the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest. This is a very famous contest that was held at Hebron High School. The most exciting and attractive part were played by the Dragon choir members. They were competing with the most talented students of the state ad are really feeling the competition with loads of energy and intelligence. The whole of the competition proved to be of great excitement and was full of mind blogging sessions. The students proved to be very intelligent and all the talented students proved to be very strong. In total they have earned 56 first division medals. Not only that there were so many talented kids that someone or the other bagged a prize or a scholarship. Almost 48 of the 56 students qualified for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble contest in Austin this May. This is the next step towards meeting tougher and more talented students in the state. The performances of the students of Carroll as usual were highly acclaimed and others got to learn a lot from them. The students of Carroll made their own identity through outstanding performances and cooperation. Their team spirit is also appreciated by the president of the organizing committee, Mr David Disiere