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Which are marketable online education degrees that I can specialize in?

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Post time07:24 16-07-2008

Hi! Id like to be an educator but Im not sure which good education degrees that I can specialize in? The ones with good pay and dont take so long to complete? Id like to pursue the courses online.


Post time05:17 17-07-2008
(Post updated by Frank 05:19 17-07-2008)

There are several teaching and education career paths that you can take but you'll have to have at least an idea which area of work you'd prefer. Do you like elementary teaching? What about special education? You could also acquire a bachelor's degree in education first to see if you'll enjoy teaching and working in education institutions. There are several resources our there with information on several <a href=>specialization in online degree <a> program. You go through and see if there's any specialization that appeals to you. This is about making a career choice that suits your personality and goals, so take time to understand what you'll be getting into. Good luck on your choices.


Post time19:26 22-08-2008

www.-[CENSORED] seems quite useful.


Post time11:55 04-04-2012
(Post updated by andycot12 12:02 04-04-2012)

Human Resource Management: this online degree program provides one with the information and skills needed to handle a varied number of human resource tasks and decision making situations employing the latest and most current information.