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FREE Course - How to get a job in finance

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Post time23:37 30-09-2008

Looking for a job in finance? Get an UNFAIR edge vs. the competition!


Get all the tips to succeed it took me 5 years to learn in 2 hours guaranteed!


" Hi T! I am writing to let you know that I was successful at the assessment centre for XXX Private Bank yesterday, and got an offer to start in October! I am extremely happy, and would like to thank you for your help and contribution, which undeniably allowed me to achieve my goal. "

"The grade is 9.5/10. I really enjoyed this session, and found it extremely useful. T made me feel very comfortable while challenging me with unprepared questions at the same time. He also provided with useful advice in his feedback, and made me realise specifically how to improve my answers. The only thing he could improve is not being so generous with the grades :) (...)"


"The overall grade was 9.5/10. T was very friendly and helpful and we went through all the questions (...) After my answer, T explained where I can improve by giving a more specific answer, which will related more closely to XXX.  I am sorry I cannot think anywhere for T to improve. I think he's a great coach."

"The overall grade was 9. Excellent coaching for the interview from HR."

Have you ever thought...

·         I would love to get a high-flying City job…how do I get up there?

·         Uni is over, I need to find a job and have no clue where to start

·         How do I write a CV?

·         Why would they hire me if hundreds of people applied before me?

Do you want to...

·         Land a high-flying investment banking job in the City of London?

·         Learn how to write an outstanding CV that immediately sets you apart from all other applicants

·         Find jobs where/when most people think there are none

·         Know which buttons to push with an interviewer in order to land the job

Previous coachees rated the coach an average of 9.4/10!!!
(10 being absolutely outstanding...)

Don't feel uncomfortable any more when people ask you how your job search is going!

I will teach you all the tips and tricks that got me to successful and fun-packed career. It took me 5 years to learn the tricks of the trade...I wish I had known them at the outset! I have seen many people succeed (and fail) and have learned from them. I will share all of this with you.

What prior experience do you have in helping people land their dream job?
I have been coaching students and young professionals get their dream job for the past 2 years all over the country. In total I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience for investment banking, consulting, the legal profession, etc.

In particular, you will learn:

·         How to maximise your chances of landing an investment banking job

·         How banking is more competitive/different than most other industries

·         What are the tips & tricks that will help you get that most other people don’t get

·         How to write your CV from scratch and make it stand out from the crowd

·         The mindset that you MUST adopt to be successful on a interview in the finance industry

·         The critical factor when you choose a company to apply for

·         How to find job vacancies when people say there are none

·         What are the official channels but most importantly what the unofficial vacancies are...which most people are unaware of!

·         What skills employers in the financial services industry are looking for

·         What makes the difference between those that get an offer and those who don't

·         How to answer typical interview questions...and give answers that differentiate you from the pack!

·         How to network effectively in the industry so that you are the first to hear when a role opens up

·         Q & A session to answer all those questions you've always wanted to answer but never had anyone to ask them to because people in the City are always "too busy"

What's this skill worth to you?
Many friends/clients of mine paid more than £10,000 to career coaching company before landing a job. And that is out-of-your-pocket cash just out of university!
What is it worth to you to achieve the dream job that will make you happy for the rest of your life?
What is it worth to be on track to make millions of pounds over the next few years by landing the job you always dreamt of and have fun at the same time?


You state the seminar is FREE, why do I have to pay?
The fee is to cover admin and room booking costs, printed handouts, etc.

It’s first come, first served, so book your place before they are all gone.


To your success!


P.S: You really can't go wrong with this seminar. Place are limited so book now!

P.S.S: If you have any questions, read the FAQ at the end or contact me using the contact link on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are you? What is your background?
I was born in Italy 26 years ago. My dad used to work for the government and my mum was a translator, so none of them ever gave be any business insight or edge whatsoever. So until I graduated from high school I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, nor was I getting any outstanding grades.
Until I finished university I have never had a single interview nor had I had a full-time job...yet I wanted to make it into investment banking. To make things worse, it was 2002, just after the boom when banks like Credit Suisse were firing thousands of people.
I spent hours, weeks and months reading EVERY single webpage, forum and book on how to land a job in investment banking. I then attended dozens of interviews and made sure I got all the feedback I possibly could, I learnt from every SINGLE mistake and eventually achieved a close to 100% success rate on every interview.
I am now working in the front office for a very successful division in a bulge bracket bank. I absolutely love what I do and this helps me be very successful at it.

Will I be guaranteed a job after the seminar?
No. I cannot get you a job but I can give you ALL the tools that helped me get 10+ job offers and now make me a very successful finance professional. You will also learn the insider tips and tricks that will get you where you want to be 100 times faster. I will tell you the most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them.
Over time and through hundreds of hours coaching people like you I have become particularly good at helping people get their dream job.
This is one of the things I am the best at and this is what I'm going to share with you!

Why would I want to get help finding a job if banks are firing anyway?

That's exactly the reason. With the credit crisis the ratio of candidates to available roles out there has increased dramatically. Competition is stiffer. In order to have a serious chance at finding a job you need to make sure you have the best techniques in your toolbox and learn the tricks from those who've been there/done and are in the industry.

I don't have the skills required/high enough grades/etc.

Wrong attitude. Getting into banking is not THAT difficult. You only need to know what employers are looking for and present you past experiences in the right way - this is what I am going to teach you!

I feel I have the skills but don't know how to present them/sound convincing

Then this course is what you need. For each one of those skills I will teach you how to translate them into concise, convincing examples that prove that you have what it takes.

Are you successful at interviews?

Yes, certainly. The last time I interviewed for a job I got 7 job offers out of 8 institutions I interviewed with.

What is the source of your knowledge?

I have been working in different areas of investment banking for 5 years now and have a first-hand experience of what makes people successful.
As I grow in seniority I regularly interview candidates at different levels and hence I can tell you why people get the job (or don't).

What should I bring?

You should bring a pad and a pen.

When will you disclose the location of the seminar?
2-3 days before the event an email will be send to you with every detail. Location will be close to Holborn Underground Station. If you use paypal for payment information, it will be send to you at this email address.

Can I pay at the door?
No. Every tickets for the seminar must be purchased before the event. No cash.

What if I buy a ticket but I can't attend?
You must send a email not less than 24 hours before the event. Your ticket will be refunded with a 10% deduction for administrative fees.

I would like to use a video recorder during the seminar
No video/audio recording or pictures. But don't worry you'll get everything very quickly and easily. Guaranteed!


Post time00:22 14-11-2008

So how much is the ticket?

I'm 37, am I too old to start a career in banking?