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How do i make it with my online distance education class?

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Post time07:25 22-11-2008

I just started school online, after being out of college for 4 years and I'm finding it so hard to focus and stay motivated to complete my classes. Any tips or suggestions you can give me? I've already committed so much money i don't want to drop off.


Post time07:21 24-11-2008
(Post updated by Kieth 07:32 24-11-2008)

 I understand how that must feel. Distance learning requires alot of commitment, motivation, time management and staying connected with your classmates and instructors if you have to succeed. You also must set aside some time of the day where you tune your mind to actually do your class work, a quiet place in the house. Also don't forget to reward yourself after every achievement. Get more tips and strategies for success with online distance education degree.


Post time10:16 09-01-2009
(Post updated by greamsmithaf... 11:57 09-01-2009)

Dear you are going in right directions. today online education system is the best system by which you can get various higher education degree from your home along with your job through internet. Today lots of universities are offering these courses you have to go through to internet where you can get lots of information regarding online education system and thier tutorial materials.


Post time06:44 26-05-2011

Its nice one post provides a lots of data on topic also providemore information on topic.