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Going abroad for my college education, need suggestions!

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Post time10:54 08-12-2008

Hello all, I have almost completed my studies in India and want to go to US for college studies. This is really raising tensions with me. I have talked to some good resources and they have advised me about the admission process there. I need to know more on this and so any kind of help or information on college admissions for US education would be very helpful. Please provide your suggestions.


Post time05:43 09-12-2008

Well, seems like everyone is going there for studies! This is good. I have a friend who attends Yale (a top US school) and was really pleased after going through the preparation that included a lot of practice material which you can find on []applicationbootcamp’s[/url] guide. I think that you can collect all the required information from this guide which may be of a good help for you..