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what to study?

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Post time19:45 30-06-2007


I am a very skilled and with loads of experience .NET C++ developer.

Unfortunatly I can't get into investment banking development roles as I lack the business knowledge.

What would you recommend me to study and at what university/training centre so that my CV would be considered for such positions? (it can be anywhere in the world but can't take longer than one month)

Thanks a lot in advance.


Post time00:11 21-08-2007
(Post updated by phdstudent20... 00:11 21-08-2007)

It is very unprobable that you'll find anything shorter than 1 month, what would significantly increase your chances on the job market.

If you want to spare your time try passing certificates like: CFA, FRM or PRM.


Post time18:56 22-08-2008

i found www.-[CENSORED] useful


Post time15:56 19-10-2012

I am in much the same position.  Professional project manager, 40 years experience, 20 in Retail Banking, now wishing to break into Investment Banking as a contracting Project Manager, but finding the employers in Investment Banking circles are demanding industry knowledge.
So what to study???????  Ideally want to follow and online course as I still have to work fulltime to earn a living.
Any suggestions out there?
Thank you
Donald Britz