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Financial Modelling courses

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Post time09:10 04-04-2010

Hi everyone,

I am looking at enrolling in a training program to boost my skills in building Financial Models and valuing companies, and I'm not sure which one to choose. I have heard of the following courses that are all apparently the 'best':
- Training the Street
- Dealmaven
- Wall St Prep
- The Analyst Exchange
Has anyone taken any of these courses (or even better more than one)? If so your comments would be great?

Vox Populi

Post time15:47 04-07-2011

hello everyone,

I would like to recommend you this website :
They have 30 hours course Investment Banking Boot Camp which prepares delegates for investment banking jobs.
They provide free CV review and arrange mock interviews.
Good Luck!


Post time17:56 27-09-2011

Hi guys,  I'm trying to become an investment banker too (it's really hard I know!).  But thankfully I just joined this program called Inside Investment Banking, and it's working for me.  So many tips and tricks on how to get into investment banking.  I'd like to personally recommend it to you all. The 5 bulge bracket bankers who made it call it  "Everything you need to break into investment banking, finally in one place".  Right now you can join the program too at a very special price of $197 (limited time period, it's normally $497!) or buy their guides, which are pretty cheap...most are under $40. Go to to check it out.


Post time06:37 25-11-2011

Training is an important part of life . if you are trained well . you can success whole in life.


Post time14:48 06-02-2012

I recently completed Excel Financial Modelling course with Alpha Financial Training Services. They were excellent and the best thing about it was that they do the course on a Saturday. It is a really intense course but everything is covered in one day. They charge around 1500 but they had a special offer and I only paid 999. There was hot food provided, the trainer was excellent and very helpful. Check out their website Also if anyone you know that wants to book it or you guys want to book it with them reply to me and I will tell you a secret on how you can get a further discount on the price.