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Partner to recruit students from Africa to study in Ukraine!

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Post time20:11 03-06-2011

Partner to recruit students from Africa to study in Ukraine!

Hello Sir/Maddam!

We are working for enrolment of International students in Ukrainian Universities. !

We arelooking for education consultants/partner for co-operation!
This person will seek people from Africa who want to study in Ukraine!

Price invitations (design documents, invitation and visa) is $ 900 per person!
$ 400 Iíll pay my business partner (for each student).
Each academic year, I nead 100-150 students!

Universities specialise in these directions:

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department
Faculty design and operation of machines
Faculty of Automation and Energy
Department of Accounting and Finance
Faculty of Economics and Management.

We hope that we will help you organize your future education, business plans, trips and tours, in Ukraine,
a lot better with our help. If you reply us & show interest in our profitable offer we'll send you all the details


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