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Ban-Company Come study in Ukraine 2012-2013

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Post time20:11 04-02-2012

Ban-Company Come study in Ukraine
We are student consultant firm based in Ukraine. We offer You to represent
us in your Country, if you are interested To recruit your students
to the Universities of Ukraine.We are legal representative of many
Ukrainian Universities And licensed from Ministry of Education
 We Can assist you students to get admission in
any course/ Programme and in any university of Ukraine.Ukraine
is a friendly country with peace loving people. The Cost of
studying Medicine, Engineering   Business/ Management is much
lower than the western countries, Nevertheless quality is not
compromised. Students can enjoy A lot of facilities provided
to them as Ukraine is very much Friendly to the foreign
students who are investing in their Country.
Cost of living is also very low, even compared to Western Countries.
Looking at this scenario, Ban-Company Come study in Ukraine has
Exploited this opportunity and offers you to recruit your
students in renowned Universities of Ukraine where Medicine,
Engineering   Business/ Management can be taught In English
with same soul and spirit as elsewhere in Western Europe or
USA but at lower cost.We are already registering students
for 2012-2013 Academic Year. Invitation Letters are being
issued now. Ukraine Embassy accepts Student Visa Application
until 30TH November Every year, students who obtain their
visa after this date Arrive Ukraine until December end.
Please visit for more details about
Available “COURSES and COSTS”.Should you have any question,
please do not hesitate to Write Ban-Company Come study in Ukraine.

Warm regards!
Ban-Company Come study in Ukraine
 Please fill the Application Form on this link
We wish you Best of Luck

Contact us:
Members of Staff
Head General Secretary
Miss. Nina Bazanov. S

Deputy Secretary
Mr. Borislav Dmitri
Tel +380(93)129 258 2
Tel +380(63)665 971 6
Kiev /Kharkov Ukraine
Skype Name: studyinukraine1