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Study in Ukraine Universities

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Post time14:49 28-04-2012

Study in Ukraine Universities
Study in Ukraine Universities!

MBBS, MD, Pediatrics, BDS, Pharmacy, Nursing. Veterinary Medicine
Engineering: Computer, Computer Science, IT, Software,
Aviation/Aeronautical/Aerospace, Chemical, Mechanical,
Civil/Architectural/Construction and more
Intíl Economics, BBA, MBA, Accounting and Audit, Finance,
Hotel & Tourism Management, Intíl Marketing & more
Maritime: Sea Ship Navigation, Ship-Building: Machine Building
PPL, CPL and CPL with multiengine aircraft
English Medium, Tuition fee paid on arrival.

Please keep writing for more details,
Contact us:
Members of Staff
Head General Secretary
Miss. Nina Bazanov. S
Deputy Secretary
Mr. Borislav Dmitri
Tel +380(93)129 258 2
Tel +380(63)665 971 6
Kiev /Kharkov Ukraine
Skype Name: studyinukraine1