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Online college's which ones?

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Post time17:46 12-03-2008

I have a friend going through baker he loves it however it has nothing to offer in the field I am intrested in. Now there are a couple that have what I want but, I am not sure if they are Accredited. They all say they are never know. Anyone know anything about:

CTU Online (Colorado Technical University)

Virginia College


Post time09:55 13-03-2008
(Post updated by jack.pack 09:57 13-03-2008)

Note that not all college accreditation associations are legitimate. Some colleges and diploma mills create their own accrediting authority and then grant themselves "accreditation". Be careful and stay on the lookout for such institutions before you waste your time and money.

See how you can check if a college is truly accredited:

Here's a list of accredited colleges you may want to consider for your online education: "


Post time18:56 22-08-2008

i found www.-[CENSORED] useful