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Bear Stearns 1st Round Internship Interview

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Post time18:27 06-05-2007

Hiya, I've just been invited to two first-round interviews with Bear Stearns for an Investment Banking summer analyst role - I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what sort of competencies they will be looking for? I already asked HR and they said it was competence based. Any comments on Bear Stearns in general?



Post time23:25 29-05-2007
(Post updated by werty675 23:25 29-05-2007)

Basically Bear Stearns earn a lot of revenue per head (i.e. big bonuses) but in general it is not regarded as a prime bulge bracket bank

It is growing, that is clearly a good thing


Post time22:20 26-08-2008

look up interviews at www.-[CENSORED]

i found it helpful


Post time17:25 06-09-2008

Look at the WikiJob website mate. There's interview tips on Bear Sterns and Investment Banking. Bear Sterns is a tought company to get in to and work for so you should definitely use allthe help you can. I'd recommend going to your universty careers office too as they would probably set you up with a practice interview or something like that. Good luck!


Post time01:43 07-08-2009
(Post updated by alex2009 01:44 07-08-2009)

Thanks for sharing infor here



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