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DrKW assessment centre

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Post time18:29 06-05-2007


This is my first post so hope it's fruitful.  I've just been invited to an assessment centre with DrKW for a Corporate Finance summer internship.  It's pretty crucial as I've only had rejections so far, before and after interview.  I was hoping someone could give me some insight...

How hard are the numerical tests?  I haven't done Maths since GCSE but have passed a few online ones.  I'm just worried I don't stand a chance if I'm compared to Maths and Finance undergrads!

What are the interviews like (if I even get that far)?  Are they mainly competency-based or do they get pretty technical?

Any advice at all would be great...Cheers!


Post time22:21 26-08-2008

look up interviews at www.-[CENSORED]

i found it helpful