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JP morgan assessment centre

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Post time18:30 06-05-2007

Dear all,

I am attending assessment centre at JP Morgan technology division next week. Can someone share your experiences with me? Thanks a million



Post time23:32 29-05-2007

Id avoid, JP morgan bonuses have been terrible last couple of years. it is a typical example of a bulge bracket bank collapsing quickly. it has nothing going for it. going down the pan...

you heard it hear first


Post time01:35 29-09-2007

JP Morgan, Morgan stanley, yep, shite bonuses. go for something up and coming, the barcaps etc. even deutsche haven't been paying well last 2 years


Post time22:20 26-08-2008

look up interviews at www.-[CENSORED]

i found it helpful


Post time17:33 06-09-2008

Have a look at this page on Investment bank interview questions too.


Post time05:16 19-09-2008

written by a corporate finance person, found it a bit one sided

errr and dude - getting the feeling that lehman and merrill mentions might need to be altered


Post time05:25 19-09-2008

relative prestige?

what are you a classic car dealer?! advertising is tier 3? what are the criteria here?


Post time14:39 27-10-2008

Dude. It's a Wiki. If you don't like it, it's all open source. 


Post time18:37 28-03-2009

I find most of the above a bit misguided. JPM is a great, well capitalised bank. You could do far worse and I would advise you to apply to ALL the investment banks, not just bulge bracket. Competition is fierce for positions, what do you do if you dont get into Barcap, GS, JPM, Deutsche, Socgen, BNP? You must get relevant experience. You can always move to other banks later.

In regard to assessment centers, I went to a capital markets one a few years ago. Same old really, a couple of interviews (expect more technical questions than competency based as in round 1), a group exercise (make sure you say something and say "I agree, but.." a lot etc) and probably some kind of math test. If in doubt, get technical, this is how I interview candidates as as it really sets aside who is uber enthusiastic. You could also consider hiring professional help, many other candidates are, I promise you that,

Good luck




Post time08:28 17-08-2012
(Post updated by tra072011 05:12 25-08-2012)


You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions


Post time11:44 11-10-2012

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