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Barclays Capital Assesment Center?

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Post time00:04 11-08-2009

Hey all,

I have this week an assesment center for an analyst position with Barclays Capital.

Anyone have been in such and can help with some info?



Post time00:07 12-08-2009

Which years intake?


Post time15:34 22-09-2009

Hi, I actually work at Barclays and did their assessment centre 4 years ago.

I took mock interviews with ibankingjobhelp dot com which I found useful. Essentially know your stuff and be well prepared i.e. look online for the obvious questions and plan and rehearse answers to these. This will make you more relaxed.

I can help with some model answers to specific questions if you are interested.




Post time01:04 08-05-2013

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