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help for my new training at work

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Post time22:55 24-11-2011

Hi All,

I work in credit management for an Insurance/Reinsurance firm and may get the opportunity to join the in house investments team to do a few hours work every week with them as I want to find out more on investments and perhaps move into that direction.

I wanted to just get some advice on what I should do.

I do not want to go in not knowing anything about the business they do so needed some help on what to read up on before I hopefully start there and be at least in the know about how it all works there.

All I know is that they invest my companies money for them.

Do I read up on, Trading? Bonds? a few different things all together?

Do I need to read up on Trading,Markets etc on the whole to fully understand what they will be doing daily in that role?

What is the best material or specific books or articles etc, for my best understanding of it from a begginers perspective? It seems a bit daunting and I imagine it kind of complex, so I am hoping to find something easy to understand.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated