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Customer Relationship Management

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Post time15:08 13-04-2010
(Post updated by erinryan 15:12 13-04-2010)

I have always been fascinated with the financial sector, and not only how it will evolve through the current economical crisis, but also how it will adapt to embrace the technological advances of the internet - and no im not talking internet banking.

With the advances of online banking - and the ever growing gap between financial outlets and customers, I am interested to know what Banks can do to keep good CRM going.

I have come across a couple of blogs. One particularly interesting on was at Certeco

However, I am interested if anybody else has any thoughts on this particular issue? Especially those that work within the banking sector.



Post time07:09 08-03-2011
(Post updated by rachard1583 07:11 08-03-2011)

Highlight who the marketing plan will be targeting as the potential customer. Point out in detail the age and preferences of that target population. During this stage, you need to get hold of all the data regarding the product usage trend of the population you are targeting so that you can know exactly what their needs are.


Post time07:18 30-08-2011
(Post updated by ivantheboss 07:20 30-08-2011)

About customer retention, have to keep the atention of the customers focused on you. They have to think that they are importan to you, Promotion is good tool to keep them.